REACHKeeper - Tonnage Coverage Management & Risk Monitoring System

REACHKeeper, developed by team from REACHLINKED, enables EU importers to better comply with EU REACH regulation.

Through REACHKeeper, EU importers ONLY need to do ONE task to obtain three benefits.

One Task

Record CASEs: EU importers record a CASE for every order placed from non-EU suppliers. Enter information on products, REACH numbers, and REACH documents (most importantly Tonnage Coverage Certificates).

The REACHKeeper system provides below features when you create a CASE:

  • REACH number and REACH documents can be provided by EU importers directly, or can be uploaded by non-EU supplier via private link to reduce the burden of EU importers.

  • The system can conveniently verify the validity of REACH documents provided by non-EU suppliers.

Three Benefits

  1. Compliance Rating: The system will automatically evaluate the compliance rating, named poor, good and excellent, for each CASE. Suggestion on how to improve will be given as well.

  2. Monitoring: Every REACH number under use in all CASEs and its related substance(s) will be monitored. The system will immediately send you alert emails when the REACH numbers becomes "Inactive" from "Active", or when there're new regulatory requirements for the substances.

  3. Statistics: Information recorded in all CASEs will be displayed by different types of statistical charts to enable you to have holistic view of the compliance status in all CASEs.


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