Why & how to record a CASE for REACH compliance?

It is the best practice for strict and long-term compliance for REACH Regulation.


Obtaining the REACH certificate from non-EU supplier can NOT automatically or necessarily satisfy your compliance obligation of REACH. There are certain limitations for each registration, for example, a registration number for 10-100 tonnage band can only certify up to 100 tonnes of chemicals within one calendar year. Since non-EU supplier can sell its products to multiple EU buyers, you can not ensure that your tonnage is not beyond the quota.If your tonnage can not be covered by the registration of your supplier, you have already violated the regulation. Please look up the penalties for the violations of the REACH regulation.

Therefore, EU buyer should always request for Tonnage Coverage Certificate for each order from your supplier. EU buyer can NOT pass the inspection by the competent authority without the Tonnage Coverage Certificate.Certain companies don't request for Tonnage Coverage Certificate from their suppliers at the time of the import, while request for it all at once at the end of the year. There are risks by doing so:

  1. It takes time and might cause losses to obtain Tonnage Coverage Certificate from supplier to deal with inspection.

  2. Supplier can not provide Tonnage Coverage Certificate on request due to the fact that it has already exported more tonnages than allowed by the registration.

Therefore, the best practice is to request Tonnage Coverage Certificate in advance for each order.


To create an individual CASE for each order. For each CASE, upload all Tonnage Coverage Certificate for all involved products of the order, and enter necessary REACH information accordingly. Either EU buyer or non-EU supplier is allowed for this practice.

For each CASE, the system evaluates the quality of compliance for REACH through/using REACH Compliance Ratings and provides necessary advice for improvement to ensure the full compliance of REACH regulation.

Pros of creating CASE for each order

  1. CASE of all orders are stored——Per REACH regulation request, REACH related documents must be stored for at least 10 years after the last import of the product.

  2. The REACH number recorded in the CASE is automatically monitored——The system sends out email alert once the REACH number becomes INACTIVE from ACTIVE or the substance under the REACH number is subject to new regulatory requirement.

  3. The system provides with all kinds of statistical charts to help systematically understand the compliance of the product.

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