Record a CASE

Improve Compliance.

One CASE per Order

Assume you are an EU importer purchasing chemical substances from non-EU suppliers.

You're suggested to record ONE CASE for each import from the non-EU supplier ( i.e. ONE case per Order).

How to record a CASE?

For example, you plan to place an order with 2 products from a non-EU supplier in 2019.

Please follow the steps as below to record a CASE for this order:

Step 1 Create an account

Visit to create a new account with one month free trial.

Step 2 Verify email

A verification email will be sent to your work email address. Click the Verify Email Address button to activate your account.

Step 3 Record a CASE

Record a CASE by visiting Fill in related information as below and click the Save button.

Step 4 Review compliance rating

Review the compliance rating in the CASE page. For new created Case, the default rating is Poor.

Click the Improve button on the right to get the suggestion on compliance improvement.

Step 5 Provide REACH information

Improve the compliance rating by providing REACH information. You can provide information by yourself or request your suppliers to do so.

Provide REACH information by yourself

You can fill in the REACH information by yourself if your suppliers have already provided REACH Tonnage Coverage Certificate.

Step 1 Upload REACH Documents

Please upload REACH Documents. Tonnage coverage documents are recommended.

Step 2 Add REACH Numbers

The REACH numbers may be extracted automatically from the documents you uploaded. Meanwhile, you can manually add REACH numbers.

For each REACH number you added, the corresponding substance will be linked automatically. Meanwhile, both the REACH number and substance will be monitored.

Provide REACH information by supplier

It takes lots of efforts to request REACH information from non-EU suppliers and keep it in the system by yourself. We recommend you to request your suppliers to provide the information directly by using the system to ease your work.

Send a specific link to your supplier through email, Skype, etc.

Step 2 Supplier provide information

With the link, your supplier can provide REACH information, e.g. REACH documents and REACH numbers. We provide free help and teach your supplier how to provide the right REACH information.

With the link, your supplier will the following page.

After sign in the system, your supplier can provide you with information for REACH compliance.

Step 3 You get notification email

You will receive notification email once your supplier provided information. An link to the CASE is included in the email to help you get back to the CASE.

Step 4 You review the CASE

You can review and download the files provided by the suppliers in the CASE. The documents uploaded by yourself and your supplier will be listed together.

It is recommended that you verify each document and mark it as "Completed" if the document is valid. You can use built-in function to send request for verification to the related OR if the document is issued by OR.

Click the Improve button at the bottom,

then you can find Request verification from OR button for each document.

Goal: Excellent rating

Follow to the suggestion, please improve the compliance rating to "Excellent" for every CASE.

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