Why & How to provide REACH information

For EU importers, why & how to provide REACH information?


The REACH registration number provided by your supplier is only effective with Tonnage Coverage Certificate, without the certificate you are not using any REACH registration number and are taking risks by violating the REACH regulation.


  1. Upload file. It is advised that you request your supplier to provide Tonnage Coverage Certificate by using this REACHKeeper system, which can greatly reduce your work. You can alternatively submit file by yourself if you already have Tonnage Coverage Certificate.

  2. Enter REACH registration number: Please ask your supplier or by yourself to enter the REACH registration number and relevant information such as volume used. Once complete, the system will automatically monitor the REACH registration number and its related substance(s). Please refer to https://docs.reachlinked.com/faq/why-and-how-to-monitor-a-reach-number-and-corresponding-substance

There is no official format for Tonnage Coverage Document available but it normally includes below information: Name of the EU importer, Information on Non-EU exporter, OR information, Substance information, REACH registration number, Tonnage.


REACH Tonnage Coverage Certificate Template.docx

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