Why & how to monitor a REACH number and corresponding substance?

Receive alerts automatically, and obtain the most current update on the regulatory requirement of the REACH number and its respective substance.


After the completion of REACH registration, registrant receives REACH number distributed by ECHA and the status of the number is Active. However, the holder of the registration number can stop the use of the number (for example, due to the termination of production, or unwillingness to pay for the increased lab cost for REACH registration). The status of the registration number then becomes Inactive. Using an Inactive registration number is the same as having no registration, which is a violation of REACH regulation! ECHA updates the status of REACH registration numbers on its website, and you will receive email alerts once your used registration number becomes Inactive.

REACH registration is ONLY the start of management of chemicals within EU. For chemicals with larger hazard, EU has more requirements for managing them. ECHA periodically updates the summary of regulatory requirements for each chemical, and you will receive email alerts from REACHKeeper system once the chemicals you used has new regulatory requirement. For some chemicals, ECHA publishes notifications before new requirement is implemented, obtaining these information in time can help make better judgement (for example, by providing feedback to ECHA, increase budget, alter product ingredients, or adjust purchase plan, etc).


The ONLY thing need to do is create a CASE for each order. The system will automatically monitor all recorded REACH registration numbers and chemicals.

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